BESIONIA keep in step with international fashion, draw the design concept and design ideological trend from Euro-American cutting-edge, and integrate oriental culture and traditional elements to design products combined with oriental women implicit temperament. The whole series of products perfectly interpret the humanistic feelings that combination of oriental culture and western technology, in order to completely express the modern brand connotation.

        BESIONIA adopt 80% excellent imported fabrics and leather for meeting the positioning quality demand of light luxury brand. In terms of manufacture, Besionia focus on the originality of artisan craftsmanship. No matter the clipping, sewing or decorative design of dresses, or design and product of women’s shoes and leather products, each link is infused with exquisite original artisan craftsmanship to reach the height of light luxury positioning quality. 

        BESIONIA is mainly divided into European fashion series, elegance series and intellectual women series. Around the brand series, fashionable dresses, women’s shoes and leather products show confident, courageous and resolute new feminism image of modern oriental independent women. Meanwhile, focusing on the elegance and the pursuit to fashionable dresses, the whole series meet the fashionable living demand of customers.