In 2004, Yu Chunyu met Sheng Jinnan in street of Italy talking about fashion, art, and dream…. Two friends advocated that oriental soul and western technology are combined together to make excellent stylishness. At that moment, catching sight of huge potential in China high-end fashion market, they started to draw a delicate and long-term blueprint for their own brand’s development and future, who had worked in Italy for more than ten years with rich experience.  

In 2005, Besionia set up an operational headquarter in Guangzhou of China, land Chinese mainland fashion industry in the form of overseas-funding enterprise and has her own Chinese name “Bai Xuan Ni Ya”.

In 2006, the first senior club was established integrating women’s fashionable dresses, women’s shoes, leather women and fur the whole series of products. 

In 2007, a R&D and production center for fashionable dresses, fur, women’s shoes and leather products the whole series products was established in Guangzhou of China. 

In 2008, Mr. Yu Chunyu and Mr. Sheng Jinnan travelled more than half of the globe, just for selecting the top-quality material for the brand. The materials finally selected are picked from the same supplier with the international first class brand. 

In 2009, the actual strength of Besionia was emerging in China, whose club-style flagship shop culture was spread quickly. There were near 100 club-style flagship shops which provide women with one-stop service.

In 2011, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the first crystal brand – Swarovski.

In 2012, rebuilt the landmark of ten floors in China•Guangzhou 1850 Creative Park into a fully-functional building with Besionia club and operation center. 

2013 was the year of Besionia brand improvement. That was for nothing but create her own outstanding fashion for every woman who loves Besionia adjusting the strategic layout of China market, optimizing operation team and improving the level of terminal service.