BESIONIA was born in Italy in 2005 of a light luxury fashion designer brand ladies.

Quality, unique, light luxury

BESIONIA debut in Milan in 2005, the fashion style has begun to focus attention. Proficient in full line product mix and match,discerning, and tailoring exquisite creativity and complexity of product design is exquisite, to bring elegant and mature and meticulous double re meaning. Diversification of inspiration, the interpretation of the rational and emotional taste, fusion historical nostalgia style and modern realistic artistic feeling, a pleasant surprise.

BESIONIA design is light luxury line, exquisite workmanship and perfect, full line of 80 percent of the European imports of high-end materials and some special materials, skilled at the brightly colored fabric with metal, crystal, etc. bring luxurious texture of accessories collocation, to create a three-dimensional sense of strong decorative pattern, design style is concise, rigorous,perceptual, body and vitality in all directions.

BESIONIA(毕索妮) 一 2005年诞生于意大利之都的轻奢女士时尚设计师品牌。